Welcome to Chyanhal Simmentals in West Cornwall

Including ‘CHYANHAL AMOS’ sold to SEMEX for AI

– Also semen available from ‘CORSKIE RADIUM’ for home or abroad –

I have always been involved with breeding, showing and eventing horses, and started some years ago with cattle, then buying Hereford x Fresian calves to rear on Jersey cows and sell on as stores. In 1988 all were sold and  the first three Simmentals were purchased from  Sacombe. Judy Borlase whom I had known since a child in Cornwall where  she grew up, gave me much encouragement and help and fuelled my passion for the Simmental breed. In 1989. I managed to persuade the Royal Cornwall Show to accept Simmental classes  which have been well supported ever since.

In 1991, with the support of David Gaunt ,I helped form the Cornwall Simmental Club and have been chairman for the last few years. In 2007 I had the honour of being voted on to the Simmental Council and have enjoyed working with other council members contributing and supporting the Simmental Society the best way I can. I travel thousands of miles attending as many shows and events as I can , always learning and ever grateful for the joy and  friendship Simmentals have brought me .  Penny Lally

CHYANHAL SIMMENTALS  have been members of SAC Heath Scheme since 2006 and are ACCREDITED for EBV, IBR and  JOHNES